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Home & Castle is a Home Make-Over service that specialises in

Detailing, Deep-Gleaming, Organising and Decluttering.

We take deep cleaning to a deeper level, we Deep Gleam! We are more than "Regular Cleaners" because we deep clean as standard!

(See our Maintenance House-Deeping Services

We scrub, scrape & sparkle the home from top to bottom, taking it one room at a time!

It's more than a once over wipe down with a damp cloth. It's a full home face lift!

We use specialist tools and techniques to tackle ingrained grit, grease and grime. We believe that dirt & dust build up can hold stagnant energy

We want to leave your home feeling free, fresh & light.

See "A bit About Us" to find out about our community initiative to offer up to 80% discount to Single Mums.

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Home Make-Over


Decluttering, Detailing & Deep Cleaning from £100*

This Intensive Deep Gleaming & Home Detailing Service will give the home an instant lift. In just a short time our team will remove years of ingrained build up, grease and grime.

We concentrate on Skirtings, Edges, Radiators, Plug Sockets & Switches, Doors & Frames, Windowsills & Walls.

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We make sure to sanitise high use areas such as door handles and switches. Home & Castle's Gleam Team are experts in knowing where dust and debris collect and we endeavour to remove as much gunk and grit as possible.

This Home Make-Over gives the home a face lift that will leave it feeling free & fresh!

*Price is based on 1 gleam team member in a 2-3 bed property. The service is 2hrs worth of home detailing and can vary dependent on how many members of the Gleam Team are carrying out work & the level of gleaming required.


Main Services

HOME & CASTLE provides:

Tidying & Organising, Cleaning & Gleaming, Decluttering, Deep Cleaning and Detailing

Home Make-Over Services.

Whether a Full House, Specific Room or Area, no project is too big or small for our Gleam Team!

We create an EFFICIENT LIVING space that functions more effectively with your LIFESTYLE.


We want to create a space that gives you more FREEDOM to focus on your dreams and goals.


This helps make your Home feel TIDY, FLOWING & FREE

It becomes EASIER To maintain & keep CLEAN


Your Home is Your Castle!

Cleaning Supplies

Home Detailing & Deep Gleaming

Our Gleam Team get down to the nitty gritty as we scrub and scrape ingrained grease, grime & dust.

We focus on the edges, the corners, skirtings, radiators, inside and around the window frames and sills

We also specialise in gleaming and sanitising door frames & doors, door handles, plug sockets and handles.

Home Decluttering & Organisation

Wow Your Wardrobe, shelves, cupboards, larders, storage units & drawers! 

Our superior organisational skills mean that we can implement simple storage systems and grouping of functional items in the home to make it easier to tidy up!

Plus we always Deep Gleam as we go!

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Cleaning Sink

Daily Poppin's

Personalised DEEP GLEAMING SERVICE that works with your lifestyle!

Ideal for BUSY LIVESASSISTED LIVING requirements & general support in the UPKEEP of the home.

We Deep Clean as standard and provide home Detailing 

Maintenance as part of our everyday gleaming schedule, so the house is always kept at top notch!

Personalised Projects

Whatever your Home or Personal Goals are Home & Castle can support you in brining them to life!

We support you as you Discover and Develop your PERSONAL STYLE.

We are experts at Creating the SPACE and FLOW for you in your home!


With specialist skills in Cupboard organisation & WARDROBE MANAGEMENT


Kitchen Counter
Kitchen Sink

Weekly House-Deeping 

Let us come in and do the hard work for you!

We maintain our home make-overs to the highest level.

Weekly House-Deeping are intensive weekly sessions of deep-cleaning and gleaming that allows the house to remain at high standard.

Our Gleam Team are experts in FINDING THE GRIME. We focus on the things that can get grubby quickly and often get overlooked. 

Descaling & Deep Gleaming sinks, draining boards, taps, showers, toilets and baths.

We also maintain skirtings, switches, plug sockets, doors & frames.

All tailored to you home & lifestyle.

White Chair in an Empty Room

A Bit About Us

Home & Castle specialises in home detailing, deep-gleaming, organising and decluttering.

After many years in the Cleaning Industry we noticed many clients were simply not satisfied with the level of cleaning standards when hiring regular cleaners.

Many “Top Level Surface” cleaners were simply not able to provide the level of deep-cleaning that is actually required to maintain a home. And when looking for a Deep Clean, clients are often charged for the full house in one go, which can be a expensive.

Home & Castle offers its clients a flexible and affordable way to keep on top of the deep cleaning and detailing. This way the home does not get out of hand, which would require £££'s to bring back to a good standard.

Home & Castle aims to reward its Gleam Team for the high level of intensity and labour required to really GLEAM a home from Top to Bottom, whilst at the same time offering competitive rate to its clients.

After extensive research into the average industry rates for various aspects of domestic cleaning, we believe the rates we offer our clients give them a high level, end of tenancy style gleam but in small manageable sessions.


- Regular Cleaning

- Deep Cleaning

- End of Tenancy Cleaning

- After Building Cleaning

- Decluttering

Home & Castle was set up by Charmaine, a mum from Rich Kids Go Skint, that launched her own Home Detailing, Decluttering & Deep-Gleaming business following the success of her journey from being on benefits when she appeared on the show. Previous to this Charmaine had spent many years offering support, guidance and practical life coaching within the community and in schools.

Since her feature on the TV Programme, and in an endeavour to support single mum's in tough situations like she was once in, Home & Castle decided to offer up to 80% discount for single mum's in Hertfordshire.

Our services aim to revitalise the home environment and bring it up to its ultimate potential!

Many clients find it easier keeping on top of the day-to-day chores once Home & Castle has given the home a make-over face lift.

We are experts at finding the grime! And we know where dust, grease & grime accumulates in the home.

We believe that clearing the grime & dust gives the home a new lease of life and rids the environment of stagnant energy.

​We Deep Clean as standard and our Detailing elevates the Home to a Castle!

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Home & Castle is invested in making sure that you are happy with all the services we provide, and so far it seems like we’re doing a great job. Have a look at what some of our clients have to say about us.


Jim & Irene

We are an elderly couple that want to stay in our home!

We use the Daily Poppin's Service to ensure our home is always kept tidy and clean.

They do all the dirty work that we are no longer able to get to.

 They are very friendly and always willing to help!


My wardrobe was an absolute state!
All my clothes were disorganised and all over the place!
Home & Castle gave me excellent storage solutions at a very reasonable cost, They also came in and organised everything in one day!
Getting ready in the morning or for a night out is so much easier now!


All my kitchen cupboards and storage had gone wild!
Nothing had a correct place and everything was on top of each other!
Home & Castle's Detailing & Decluttering services really came in handy as I was feeling overwhelmed with the task and just kept putting it off!
Now they are all sorted i actually want to maintain it!

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